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Congratulations to Paul Wesley on his directorial debut for The Vampire Diaries’ “Residential Evil

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Requested by anonymous

I’ll always love you too.
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Anonymous asked: you mentioned the tag earlier and since its usually a mess, I was just wondering is there a tag just for stelena gifs/edits? Where we can go to see pretty stuff for our ship without the drama?

My blog? hahah but no unfortunately theres no other tag that isnt a mess

but theres always my lovely blog;)

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Anonymous asked: what happened at the ending of tvd? just wondering it's okay of you spoil it. lol


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trynna be an optimistic here at least we still have upcoming stelena pilot flashbacks right?! 5x20??  

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charmingfamily asked: so delena shippers are blowing up the stelena tag saying "thank god stelena is over hahahahhhahah" and im just fuming

Good thing I don’t go into the stelena tag 

Some of the shippers r just too much

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Anonymous asked: WHAT HAPPENED TO MATTY? is he okay? I just saw someone saying something I didn't really like

Yes he’s fine and alive!

Was dead for like a few minutes but that happens all the time with him honestly nothing new

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