Anonymous asked: I'm really impressed you still make gifs for stelena . I lost all hope but it's nice to see some people r devoted fans .

:) kinda lost a bit of hope too but I guess we’ll see how season6 turns out

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What would TVD Cast ask their devoted followers?

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Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev at Microsoft VIP Lounge At The Hard Rock Hotel, July 26.

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Anonymous asked: according to what i've seen, it is going to be IAN'S LAST season which means delena wont be the endgame lmao
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I don’t have anyone anymore. You have me.

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Anonymous asked: Addie, I can't handle this show anymore, with the pretending as though Stelena never existed, Damon now being the so called "hero", Bonnie dying every episode, Caroline forgetting she was team Stelena and now wanting to get into Stefan's pants, and Elena being a total bitch, plus there's Julie Plague, I just, it was my favorite show and I'm so upset to see it go this way. My Stelena heart is broken.


I feel you. Let me drop some truthbombs on you about my headspace after this episode because I’m just so over this whole series:

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im still so upset from this finale like my ship is fucken ruined.

this season man just dented it hard. 

like i give up????

i dont see them ever being together again like ever i see no future they ruined it. absolutely ruined them.

and i thought last season finale was bad……LOL.

just so upset and now steroline? fucken kill me

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I have lost all hope in TVD. Loss of words. I don’t even know what to say. So many things that I omg that was just terrible. And now Alarics back? …what. What? Why?? what’s that purpose so that Damon can now have two friends Alaric and Enzo
Jeez I can’t
And Elena couldn’t even shed a tear for Stefan’s death? What?? Were they not in love for 3 and a half seasons???

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stelena meme(part 5/5): space

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