I feel like people who are surprised that Stefan would rather talk to Elena than Caroline don’t know his character at all. Of course he’s going to listen to her and entertain her suggestions. He still has feelings for her. He has zero feelings for Caroline and there’s been no evidence that he ever did. How is he a dick for not being interested?

Can people in this fandom chill for a fucking minute?

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5/ stefan and elena scenes

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Anonymous asked:
i miss your gifs so much!! could you gif some old stuff please?

Ah thats really sweet I’ll def post some up soon

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We met, and we talked, and it was epic.

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that kind of love never dies…

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tvd meme ♔ 10 characters

↳ stefan salvatore [5/10]

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3/ stefan and elena scenes

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Damon Salvatore in the words of Elena Gilbert.

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The Vampire Diaries 6x03 Australian Promo. (x)

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Anonymous asked:
Okay so in season six Alaric took away Elena's memory of ever loving damon which could possibly mean that FUCKING STELENA IS COMING BACK!!!!!!

Nah..I wouldn’t even want them to happen again like that way anyways

But no really don’t get your hopes up I’m pretty sure its a one episode thing.. she’s suppose to kiss a random guy in that episode anyways. Also the writers and even actors said that stelena is so platonic that they don’t even see them getting together sooo yeah

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"The life that we had, that was amazing too, and it wasn’t a spell or a prophecy. It was r e a l. We fell in love on our own.”

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